Mission, Vision & Values


High quality information as a cornerstone of optimal health and well-being for citizens.


Enable the recording and sharing of complete, accurate, consistent and faithful records to deliver the best possible integrated care to individuals and populations, support self-care and advance knowledge, while respecting privacy


We work in partnership with care providers, service users, carers, technology suppliers, informatics practitioners, professional bodies, government and NHS agencies in the four UK countries.

We provide an authoritative voice for our members, representing a range of stakeholders, to facilitate widespread adoption of approved record standards

We believe that:

  • high quality records enhance the safety and effectiveness of the care system and support self-care
  • standards should be developed through wide consultation with patients and professionals, and based on both consensus and evidence
  • implementation of record standards facilitates appropriate and efficient sharing of information
  • information should only need to be captured once
  • standardised information makes it easier to re-use data for the public good

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