Thursday 3 April: PRSB Annual General Meeting 

11 July 2013: Launch of the Standards for the clinical structure and content of patient record.

24 June 2013:  Health Business article: ‘Share data appropriately to care appropriately’ on importance of PRSB–sp-713/3461-share-data-appropriately-to-care-appropriately

16 April 2013: PRSB LAUNCH: The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) for health and social care, led by and representing patient and care professional organisations. (e-Health Insider) (Royal College of Physicians)  (HSCIC) (British Computer Society)



2 thoughts on “News

  1. I am a not a member of the rcop college so am unable to access the publication of the standards that present the patient and care professional requirements for electronic health records from your link.
    please provide a link for download of the standards.
    dr mark f nicol, clinical lead for IM&T, consultant in emergency medicine east Chehsire NHS Trust, Aviation medical examiner

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