The presentations from 2009 talks are here...

The talks from the presentations of the Saturday event can be seen at the following links:



Form and function of the vascular system - Dr Michael Eden - Cellular Pathology

Anatomy and physiology of the heart - Dr Anita Nagy - Cellular Pathology

The electrics of the heart: arrhythmias, bradycardia, pacing defibrillators and drugs - Dr Ian Williams -Cardiology

The biochemistry of lipids in relation to heart disease - Prof Garry John - Clinical Chemistry

Biochemical investigation of myocardial infarction - Mrs Mandy Reynolds - Clinical Chemistry

The pros and cons of point of care testing in cardiology - Dr Elizabeth Groves - Clinical Chemistry

Something to do with cholesterol - Dr Trevor Tickner -Clinical Chemistry

Dietary polyphenols and cardiovascular health - Dr Paul Kroon IFR

Atherosclerosis and atherogenesis - Prof Richard Ball - Cellular Pathology

Audit of sudden death in young adults - Dr Katherine Sisson - Cellular Pathology

Cardiomyopathy - Dr Laszlo Igali - Cellular Pathology

“A Man is old as his Arteries”  - Mr Jim Clarke - Vascular Surgery