All members must adhere to all the rules set out by the Council and the Leaders. These rules are here to be followed and not broken. Sanction steps can be jumped if a member commits a heinous crime that does not merit a low sanction. The breaking of rules results in these sanctions:

Breaking a Rule Once:

Breaking a Rule Twice:
You will be demoted or removed from any part of the organization that includes you.

Breaking a Rule Three Times:
A week’s worth of suspension or more depending on level of seriousness

Breaking a Rule Four Times:
You’re outta here.

These are the following rules, and make sure you stick to them. The leaders reserve the right to change these rules at any time they see fit. Here are the rules in order:

1: No discrimination of any kind. This is one of the major issues that will not be tolerated. All members and moderators will crash down on any people who discriminate others. This includes sexism, racism and all the other forms of discrimination.

2. No swearing or spamming. This is important to keep our site and forums clean and to make sure that we are not at each other’s throats. The swearing is acceptable in bad situations but never accepted on the forums or on the site in any form. We understand that sometimes people glitch, cheat, rob you or swindle you out of your money or a win and at these times, it is acceptable to swear,  as long as you if you are asked to stop, you do stop. And NEVER swear on our forums. If we find any posts with swearing in it, we will not hesitate to take severe and immediate action.

3. No bickering or arguing between members. If an issue arises, you have to take it directly to either a general, a master, the grandmaster or the Iron Helm team. If there are any disputes, we will call a formal investigation into it and people will be punished.

4. All arguments have to be resolved by the Masters, The Grandmaster or the Iron Helm team.

5. The councils in this organasitation will be chosen not entirely on skill, but on merit and on performance as well. We value true dedication and commitment more then the ability to get a headshot or rush build to win in 2 minutes.

6. All people in power or a position of authority must not make any actions that hasn’t been mutually agreed upon by higher ranking members.

7.Members must listen to the Masters and the Grandmaster at all times.

8. All members, must obey all of these rules, regardless of their ranks.