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Welcome to our site!

We are the Paradox Templars and we aim to create a organization that incorporates all types of genres into one. We are a group a of friendly and helpful people that try to create an environment that brings people from all over the world together under one roof.  The name “Paradox” was chosen because we are in effect creating a paradox by bringing competitive and mortal enemies together to form one ultimate guild that has everyone in it.

We want leaders to promise their allegiance to the Templars, but they do retain invidual control over their own clans. We are just forming a massive alliance on the net so that we may have a voice on the internet and be heard because we are planning on recruiting the biggest and the best of all the guilds across the net and forming peaceful alliances under our roof. The Paradox Templars are a group of players dedicated to bringing together all the great players together and letting them share their extensive knowledge and skill with everyone else.

We bring clans/guilds/tribes together from many different games and consoles to form an ultimate alliance. We promise to let individual leaders still retain control of all of their members and their guild/tribe/clan doings as long as they adhere to the words of all the Council’s and the Masters. We also recruit single players as well, or teams of players. We try to accomadate as many different types of gaming as possible.

Currently the consoles that we have members playing for us on: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii