Ranks- And Divisions
The rank breakdown is as follows. These ranks are a chain of command that you must follow whenever you need something. The ranks are here for the sake of keeping organisation within the organization.

Ranks works as follows:
The Grandmaster- He is the overall leader of the entirety of the Templars. He guides everyone and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

The Two Masters- Are the Grandmaster’s second in command and do a lot of the moderative work.

The Generals- A select group of five that make up an upper High Council

The High Council- A group of elite players chosen by a system of voting from each of their selected games.

The Councils- Groups of leading players from each game that help make decisions for their division.

pt hierarchy diagramcouncil breakdown

The Division Leader- A leader of one of the divisions

The Colonel- They are the leaders of the teams that fight in battle against other clans for the PT.

The Sergeants- The team that will play in games representing us.

The Normal Members- The rank that you start out in when you first join.

The Hammer- Xbox 360 Players
The Sword- PS3 players
The Whip- Real Time Strategy Players
The Mallet- PC First Person Shooter
The Shield- MMORPG Players
The Gauntlet- Tribal Wars Players and Other Free Online Games
The Greaves- The Nintendo Wii Players
The Iron Helm- The Tech and Support Group.


High Council