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Andrew Sowerby - Professional Fencing Coach

About Andrew

Andrew started fencing in 1982 at Norfolk Fencing Club, he won a number of medals representing NFC and BAF at county regional open events in Foil, Epee and Sabre.
He started full time coaching in 1988, coaching all levels of fencers in all weapons.
He has worked with the British Olympic Association and his pupils are fencing at county, regional, national and international level.

He is director of coaching at the Norfolk Fencing Club, an advanced coach for the
British Academy of Fencing and a senior British Fencing Association coach. He is a
level 4 Foil and Sabre coach and a regional Epee coach. He has a high level of
experience with both junior and adult students.

Andrew stopped competing in 1998 to focus on his coaching. He now teaches at a
number of clubs, schools, universities, colleges and is head of coaching at Centre
Parcs resort in Thetford.

BAF Advanced Foil, Sabre
BAF Regional Epee
BFA Senior Foil, Sabre
AFA Presiding Certificate
Member of AAI (Academie d'Armes Internationale)

E: T: 07833348800
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