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Equipment for fencing

Swords and Equipment

Andrew is not a retailer of fencing equipment but advises the correct equipment to purchase for different levels of fencing.

Please read the information listed to find out more about which weapon, and equipment
is best for you.


Considered to be the main fencing weapon. A light thrusting sword with the target area restricted to the trunk of the body. The most popular choice of weapon for newcomers
to the sport, but foil is also the choice of the most precise and skilled fencers. Foil must
be practised for a considerable amount of time before studying Epee or Sabre.


Heavier thrusting weapon with the target area un-restricted and including the entire body.


Originating from the military style of sword, Sabre is a cut and thrust style of fencing with the target area restricted to anywhere above the waist.

The following companies offer the best quality and price for fencing equipment of all grades. Andrew recommends Blades Brand to junior fencers who quickly grow out of their equipment. For the more experienced fencer Leon Paul and Duellist offer the best
standard of equipment.

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