Independent guidance provides crucial assurance for 90 per cent of patients who wish to email healthcare professionals, saving NHS £100m/year

18 May 2015

Independent guidance to help ensure safe, confidential and effective emailing between patients and healthcare professionals has been published by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB).

The guidance, created and backed by key organisations representing care professionals and patients, reflects PRSB findings that 9 out of 10 people want this electronic option to be more widely available. It builds on existing email practice to ensure that safety, confidentiality and effectiveness are assured for patients and professionals, allowing a real alternative to letters and faxes that currently cost the NHS more than £100m a year.

The PRSB, an independent body, was asked to consult widely with patient and professional representatives to develop the guidance, which is published to coincide with the new Secure Email standard issued by the health service’s authority in this area – the NHS Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI). The guidance reflects the findings of a new PRSB report into the issue, entitled Faster, better, safer, healthier communications.

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  1. dr mark f nicol

    I am a not a member of the rcop college so am unable to access the publication of the standards that present the patient and care professional requirements for electronic health records from your link.
    please provide a link for download of the standards.
    dr mark f nicol, clinical lead for IM&T, consultant in emergency medicine east Chehsire NHS Trust, Aviation medical examiner

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