Our Role
The business of the PRSB relates to the work of care professionals working in partnership with patients and service users (and carers) to deliver effective health and social care.  It ensures that the information they record and retrieve:

  • reflects the way they work together to deliver care
  • reflects best practice
  • enables good outcomes for care recipients
  • is safely and securely embedded in information systems
  • reflects the need for standards to generate aggregate data that are valid and comparable

It does this by:

  • providing overall professional governance of the structure and content standards for health and social care records, including their maintenance
  • providing professional assurance of standards proposed for implementation in care records and communications
  • advising on the prioritisation of standards development including  lifecycle evaluation
  • advising statutory, voluntary and professional bodies and associations on record structure and content
  • acting as a broker for record content standards development work required,  undertaken and funded by statutory, voluntary and professional bodies and associations
  • being a first point of contact for all matters relating to professional record standards.
  • engaging with system suppliers and education and training organisations

The management structure of the PRSB includes a General Assembly and an Advisory Board.  PRSB members will be members of the General Assembly. As the PRSB becomes established, the management and governance structure will evolve.

The Advisory Board meets every two months.