Standards & Guidance


Standards for Clinical Structure and Content of Patient Records (adopted)
National Ambulance Documentation Standards


Secure email guidance for health care
Secure email guidance for social care
PRSB report on using email in health and social care


Assurance Criteria Principles and Checklist have been approved for TRIAL USE.
Assurance Criteria Principles
Assurance Criteria Checklist

An assurance process guide will be developed. This document will provide all stakeholders with a clear understanding of the PRSB approach to the assurance process including recommended approaches to standards development.


Unique identification number statement
Mandatory and optional on use of the following terminology: mandatory, conditional and optional; and use of keywords related to conformance (must, must not, should, should not, may).  Adopted by PRSB; in all standards documents the PRSB will use the terms in accordance with this ISO standard.
Document Naming Standard (coming soon)

PRSB criteria for assessing proposals for new standards to be developed
Prioritisation Principles and Checklist have been approved for TRIAL USE.
Prioritisation Principles
Prioritisation Checklist

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